Archers – part 2

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archers took longer than expected (but I’ve expected that :-). Besides the usual life-related stuff the main source of the delay “happened” right after my previous post. I wanted to make aiming animations in Minecraft-like style: body facing forward, hands in front of the body and bow draw animation. That looked so terrible!

 I’ve decided to make “small adjustment” – to turn the body to the side like all human archers do. That triggered literally chain reaction in all existing systems: for example I had just one strafe animation set, now I needed two more. New body animation states were introduced. I had to revisit and adjust all existing animations to fit new body animation states .. and so on and so on.

Now it’s almost finished. Here is a video of that whole machinery. It’s slow and overcomplicated but nicely shows everything in action.

What remains is a lot of animation tweaking and AI tuning to the production ready state.