• Recapitulation of 2020
    The year 2020 is almost over and I’ve decided to look back and sum up what happened to the Baneshifter. A lot of things were added to the game: object […]
  • AI part 3:Behavior
    As I’ve already showed in AI part 1:General concept the main part of AI actor’s brain consists of a behavior tree and decision engine. Let’s take a look at them. […]
  • AI part 2:Senses
    Sigth The sight or the visibility check is based on rays colliding with the physical representation of objects – colliders. Ray start is randomly generated inside a box placed on […]
  • AI part 1:General concept
    First of all a bit of my background. I have worked as an game AI programmer for almost 8 years. Now I’m working on other things but the game AI […]
  • Editor after rework
    Lately I’ve reworked the game editor. Now it’s much more suitable for multi item editing.