• Archers – part 1
    Hi everyone,after longer “side quest” to the fantastic Pico-8 console I’m back and the development of The Baneshifter returned to the normal again. This time I’ll write more philosophical post […]
  • New attack animations
    Hi everyone, it took me two weeks to rework all combat related animations and the controller that plays them. Especially the player animations needs to be as responsive as possible […]
  • Recapitulation of 2020
    The year 2020 is almost over and I’ve decided to look back and sum up what happened to the Baneshifter. A lot of things were added to the game: object […]
  • AI part 3:Behavior
    As I’ve already showed in AI part 1:General concept the main part of AI actor’s brain consists of a behavior tree and decision engine. Let’s take a look at them. […]
  • AI part 2:Senses
    Sigth The sight or the visibility check is based on rays colliding with the physical representation of objects – colliders. Ray start is randomly generated inside a box placed on […]