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The Baneshifter

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How to start my first blog entry ever? Maybe with the project I’m working on for some time – RPG game named The Baneshifter.

I started to work on the game around Q1 2020. I’ve always wanted to make my own first person RPG. Something like the old Dungeon Master except with modern controls and more fluent movement.

Since the game is under development for some time let’s sum up what’s done and what should be done in the near future.

  • game core architecture is more or less done
  • maps are loaded and assets are spawned/managed in real time
  • basic interaction with items and objects is working
  • custom navigation and geometry clipping is also working
  • from gameplay mechanics:
    • melee combat is almost finished
    • ranged combat for player only
    • magic also for player only
    • inventory and stats in 50% state
  • editor starts to be useful

So what’s next? Currently there is a very basic version of an AI which can use melee weapons only. Ranged and magic weapons are already in the game so my next goal is to teach the AI how to use them.