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Recapitulation of 2020

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The year 2020 is almost over and I’ve decided to look back and sum up what happened to the Baneshifter.

A lot of things were added to the game: object dropping mechanic, bows and arrows, interactive objects like chests, barrels, alcoves and sink. The magic as a combination of runes was added and then reworked to the current system. Leveling and XP was also introduced to the game (still work in progress, though). From more technical parts the grid based visibility clipper, new materials and particles were implemented together with fire distribution. As one of the last things I’ve added were item containers (for example quivers) and I’ve completely reworked the AI system. Also the level editor received some love.

Honestly I’m surprised by the amount of work I was able to put into the game. My plan for year 2021 is simple: I want to finish and polish one level of the game to the final, complete and releasable form. That includes animations, enemies, items, mechanics, UI, inventory and all the stuff that is connected to it.

Happy new year! 🙂